October, 2021 
Our first paper has been accepted in PLoS Genetics.
Congratulations, Rody!
September, 2021 
Our first collaborative project with Dr. Gross has been published in Development.
Congratulations, Si!
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September, 2021 
Manjiri Palayekar joined as an undergraduate student / research assistant!
August, 2021 
Taka Kuwajima's co-author paper has been published in Nature Communications.
June, 2021
Taka Kuwajima received the Alcon Research Institute Young Investigator Award.       
December, 2020  
April, 2020  
March, 2020 
A wonderful Christmas gift from one of lab members. Have wonderful holidays!
Greg Campbell joined as a research technician! 
Rody Kingston will be going to Pitt Graduate School! Congratulations! 
December, 2019 
Fumika Ando joined as a visiting undergraduate student from Trinity College!
September, 2019  
Sneha Misra joined as an undergraduate student / research assistant!
June, 2019 
June, 2019 
February, 2019 
December, 2018 
Taka Kuwajima received the Research to Prevent Blindness / Ernest & Elizabeth Althouse / Dolly Green Special Scholar Award.
Our project got funded by UPMC Competitive Medical Research Fund.
Dwarkesh Amin joined as a research assistant!
Takoyaki party
Christmas party with Gross's lab
Chrisma party.jpg
August, 2018 
Rody Kingston joined as a research technician!
May, 2018 
Taka Kuwajima's co-author paper has been published in Journal of Comparative Neurology
January 1, 2018
Kuwajima lab opens!