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March, 2023
Greg Campbell will be going to Penn State Graduate School! Congratulations, Greg! 
March, 2023
Jade Steber joined as an undergraduate student / research assistant! 
July, 2022
Smrithi Shyam joined as a summer research intern from Shady Side Academy! 
May, 2022
Our review article has been accepted in Frontiers in Ophthalmology.
April, 2022
Kristin Hsieh joined as an undergraduate student / research assistant!
January, 2022 
Our collaborative project got funded by Hillman Innovation grant.
December, 2021 
Manjiri Palayekar received Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Fellowship!
Congratulations, Jiri!
October, 2021 
Our first paper has been accepted in PLOS Genetics.
Congratulations, Rody!
September, 2021 
Our first collaborative project with Dr. Gross has been published in Development.
Congratulations, Si!
206347366_1475072182858154_4894012736234480220_n 2.jpg
September, 2021 
Manjiri Palayekar joined as an undergraduate student / research assistant!
August, 2021 
Taka Kuwajima's co-authored paper has been published in Nature Communications.
June, 2021
Taka Kuwajima received the Alcon Research Institute Young Investigator Award.       
December, 2020  
A wonderful Christmas gift from one of lab members. Have wonderful holidays!
April, 2020  
Greg Campbell joined as a research technician! 
March, 2020 
Rody Kingston will be going to Pitt Graduate School! Congratulations, Rody! 
December, 2019 
September, 2019  
June, 2019 
June, 2019 
February, 2019 
December, 2018 
Fumika Ando joined as a visiting undergraduate student from Trinity College!
Sneha Misra joined as an undergraduate student / research assistant!
Taka Kuwajima received the Research to Prevent Blindness / Ernest & Elizabeth Althouse / Dolly Green Special Scholar Award.
Our project got funded by UPMC Competitive Medical Research Fund.
Dwarkesh Amin joined as a research assistant!
Takoyaki party
Christmas party with Gross's lab
Chrisma party.jpg
August, 2018 
May, 2018 
Rody Kingston joined as a research technician!
Taka Kuwajima's co-authored paper has been published in Journal of Comparative Neurology
January 1, 2018
Kuwajima lab opens!
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