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Original Articles 


Aldose reductase inhibition decelerates optic nerve degeneration by alleviating retinal microglia activation

Rao M, Huang YK, Liu CC, Meadows C, Cheng HC, Zhou M, Chen YC, Xia X, Goldberg JL, Williams AM, Kuwajima T, Chang KC.(2023)     

Scientific Reports 13(1):5592. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-32702-5. 


Serotonin transporter-mediated molecular axis regulates regional retinal ganglion cell vulnerability and axon regeneration after nerve injury

PLOS Genetics 17(11): e1009885      

Kingston R, Amin D, Misra S, Gross JM, Kuwajima T (2021)     


Development 149(18):dev199694      

Retinal ganglion cell survival after severe optic nerve injury is modulated by crosstalk between JAK/STAT signaling and innate immune responses in the zebrafish retina

Chen S, Lathrop KL, Kuwajima T**, Gross JM** (2021)     

[** corresponding authors]


Sumoylation regulates the assembly and activity of the SMN complex.             

Riboldi GM*, Faravelli I*, Kuwajima T, Delestree N, Dermentzaki G, De Planell-Saguer M, Rinchetti P, Hao LH Beattie C, Corti S, Przedborski S, Mentis GZ, Lotti F (2021)

Nature Communications s41467-021-25272-5               

[* equal contribution to this work]      


Eye-specific segregation and differential fasciculation of developing retinal ganglion cell axons in the mouse visual pathway.   

Sitko AA, Kuwajima T, Mason C (2018)

Journal of Comparative Neurology 526 (7):1077-1096 

 [Recommended in the Faculty 1000]



SoxC transcription factors promote contralateral retinal ganglion cell differentiation and axon guidance in the mouse visual system.     

Kuwajima T**, Celia S, Sitko AA, Lefebvre V, Mason C** (2017)

Neuron 93 (5):1110-1125 

[** corresponding authors]

[Recommended in the Faculty 1000]


The ciliary margin zone of the mammalian retina generates retinal ganglion cells.

Marcucci F, Murcia-Belmonte V, Wang Q, Coca Y, Ferreiro-Galve S, Kuwajima T, Khalid S, Ross ME, Mason C, Herrera E (2016)

Cell Reports 17(12):3153-3164

[Recommended in the Faculty 1000]


The Autophagy linked FYVE protein (Alfy/WDFY3) is required for establishing neuronal connectivity in the mammalian brain.

Dragich JM, Kuwajima T, Hirose-Ikeda M, Yoon MS, Eenjes E, Bosco JR, Fox LM, Lystad AH, Oo TF, Yarygina O, Mita T,   Waguri S, Ichimura Y, Komatsu M, Simonsen A, Burke RE, Mason CA, Yamamoto A (2016)

eLife 5. pii:e14810


Cell Reports 16(2):545-558

Protein prenylation constitutes an endogenous brake on axonal growth. 

Li H, Kuwajima T, Oakley D, Nikulina E, Hou J, Yang WS, Lowry ER, Lamas NJ, Amoroso MW, Croft GF, Hosur R, Wichterle H, Sebti S, Filbin MT, Stockwell B, Henderson CE (2016)


ClearT: a detergent- and solvent-free clearing method for visualizing neuronal and non- neuronal tissues.

Kuwajima T, Sitko AA, Bhansali P, Jurgens C, Guido W, Mason C (2013)   

Development 140 (6):1364-1368


Optic chiasm presentation of Semaphorin6D in the context with Plexin-A1 and Nr-CAM promotes retinal axon midline crossing.   

Kuwajima T, Yoshida Y, Takegahara N, Petros TJ, Kumanogoh A, Jessell TM, Sakurai, T, Mason C (2012)   

Neuron 74 (4):676-690

 [Recommended in the Faculty 1000] 


Necdin promotes tangential migration of neocortical interneurons from basal forebrain.

Kuwajima T*, Hasegawa K*, Yoshikawa K (2010) 

Journal of Neuroscience 30 (10):3709-3714              

[* equal contribution to this work]      


Necdin downregulates CDC2 expression to atteuate neuronal apoptosis.

Kurita M, Kuwajima T, Nishimura I, Yoshikawa K (2006)

Journal of Neuroscience 26 (46):12003-12013


Necdin promotes GABAergic neuron differentiation in cooperation with Dlx homeodomain proteins.   

Kuwajima T, Nishimura I, Yoshikawa K (2006)

Journal of Neuroscience 26 (20):5383-5392


Necdin interacts with the Msx2 Homeodomain protein via MAGE-D1 to promote Myogenic Differentiation of C2C12 cells    

Kuwajima T, Taniura H, Nishimura I, Yoshikawa K (2004)

Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (30):40484-40493

Review Articles 


Differential Retinal Ganglion Cell Vulnerability, a Critical Clue for the Identification of Neuroprotective Genes in Glaucoma

Amin D, Kuwajima T (2022)     

Frontiers in Ophthalmology doi: 10.3389/fopht.2022.905352   (Review)


Live or Die? Depends Who You Are    

Kuwajima T, Mason C (2017)​

Neuron 94 (6):1043-1045 (Review) 

Book Chapter


Mason C, Kuwajima T, Wang Q (2013)​

The development of retinal decussations.


Eds. L.M. Chalupa and J.S. Werner, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA​

The New Visual Neurosciences 

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